Here at Beijing Changxiang Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. (“ we” , “ us” , “ our” , or “ Changxiang Wisdom”, "CXZH"), we are making security products that are very powerful but also very easy to use. The key is in simplicity. We believe that your rights about privacy and control over your information should be also simple and easy to understand.

We will be transparent about the information (data) we collect and why we collect them. We do not and will not sell your data to third parties. Our primary purpose in collecting your data is to be able to deliver you better security products and services.

This Privacy Policy applies to Changxiang Wisdom‘s website and all products and services offered by Changxiang Wisdom. It describes how we collect, use, share and secure your personal information. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information.

Effective date and update

Effective date of this privacy policy: 2024/03/26

I. The Scope of Information We Collect

It is a basic principle for Antivirus One to protect users' privacy. Antivirus One realizes profoundly the importance of personal privacy, hence all information collected by Antivirus One do not include your personal sensitive information. All the information hereinbefore are collected for confirming sources of problems so as to improve Antivirus One and to optimize the service. To protect the security of your personal information, we will encrypt, transmit and store the information that you explicitly agree with us to collect. We collect, transmit and use your information in detail as follows:

Information category Category details Description of use
Device and system information device brand Provide compatibility processing for end-user services
device type
system version
device logo code
Function information virus detection time Provide service status parameters to confirm that the service is stable
error information
Software information software components HASH Provide the scanning rule field of terminal virus application
package name
Scanning result information detection result type Provide terminal application virus detection results
result of URL detection
virus name
Wi-Fi connection information Access Points This information is analyzed in order to warn users of insecure (i.e., poorly protected) Wi-Fi access points, helping to prevent personal data from being inadvertently intercepted.
Encryption standards
Third Parties User ID Google Play SDK / Firebase SDK
Device or other ID
Crash Log
Support Email We may use this information to respond to feedback or support requests initiated by the user.

II. How do We Use The Information Collected

  1. Virus detection and killing. According to the security requirements, Antivirus One will provide the engine mechanism of local engine or cloud engine to form complementary advantages. With the help of local deep detection and powerful computing power of cloud service, Antivirus One will provide you with an excellent malicious code detection experience. This function provides you with the function of discovering whether there is a virus in the mobile device environment, and ensures the security of your mobile device. In order to provide you with a better and continuously optimized virus detection capability, we will collect your device and system information, function information, software information, software scanning result information (same, the scope of information we collect).

  2. URL detection. This function provides you with the function of security detection of the URLs you visit, which is to protect you from the harm and influence of fishing, fraud and bad information. In order to provide you with better and continuous optimization of URL detection capabilities, we will collect your device and system information, function information, software information, software scanning result information (same, the scope of information we collect).

III. How do We Use Encryption Technology to Ensure The Security of Personal Information

  1. Local Data Security Technology

    When your personal information is collected locally, the security of local data will be guaranteed by AES encryption algorithm. Sensitive information such as device logo code is processed by hashing several times to ensure that sensitive information is irreversible. We can only distinguish different devices by using this kind of information as the unique identifier of the device, and can not trace back to the device identifier code of the source device through the transformed data.

  2. Data Transmission Security Technology

    Your personal information is secured by using the Secure Socket Layer Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) during network transmission. In order to secure data transmission, HTTPS adds the SSL protocol on the basis of HTTP. SSL relies on certificates to verify the identity of servers and encrypt the communication between browsers and servers.

IV. How do We Share The Information Collected

Without your consent, we will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual other than Antivirus One. We may disclose or share your personal data in the following circumstances:

  1. Disclosure with your explicit consent;

  2. Disclosure to our specific employees, technical support employees of related or affiliated companies: We may need to share your personal information with other employees in our specific departments, related or affiliated companies for the purpose of providing Antivirus One services. These employees, related or affiliated companies can only store the information they need to perform these qualified duties on our behalf.

  3. Disclosure on the basis of law or safeguarding your vital interests: In response to applicable legal requirements, or in response to judicial summons, court orders, or in compliance with similar requirements of other competent authorities, or in order to prevent fraud and protect our own, your, third-party or public property or other vital interests, as appropriate. We may disclose your personal information when we believe that the disclosure is urgent, reasonable and necessary.

  4. We may separate all the personal identification features of your information in a specific technical way and share the aggregated anonymous user information with related and non-related parties which is for the purpose of analysis and research of providing Antivirus One service.

V. How do We Deal with The Information of Minor Users

Our Antivirus One users may include minors under 18 years of age. We recommend that parents or guardians guide minor children under 18 years of age to use our Antivirus One services. Minor users should consult parents or guardians about this privacy policy before using our Antivirus One.

VI. How do Users Manage Their Personal Information

This Privacy Policy is protected by Chinese laws, copyright laws of other countries, international conventions and other applicable laws of the countries/regions where this service is used. We attach great importance to your autonomous control over personal information, and take multiple measures to ensure that you can exercise the following rights to your personal information:

  1. Access your personal information

    You have the right to correct or update errors or incomplete information when you find that there are errors in your personal information we process. You can contact us through [ ].

  2. Correct your personal information

    You have the right to correct or update errors or incomplete information when you find that there are errors in your personal information we process. You can contact us through [ ].

  3. Delete your personal information

    In the following cases, you can request us to delete personal information through [ ], and we will reply and process it within 15 working days:

    • We deal with your personal information in violation of the mandatory provisions of laws, regulations, etc.

    • We collect and process your personal information without your consent;

    • We have violated our agreement to collect and process your personal information;

    • Our Antivirus One service has ceased to operate and is no longer available to you;

If you choose to delete personal information, you may not be able to use Antivirus One Antivirus One services, and your previously accumulated data may be irreversibly permanently deleted, so be careful please.

VII. How do We Ensure The Security of User Information

  1. We only store your personal information within the shortest period required by the purpose of this Privacy Policy and the time limit required by laws and regulations. After the collected information is encrypted, anonymous and other technical measures, it will be uploaded to the server through HTTPS post to ensure the information security in the transmission process. However, under the following circumstances, and only for the purposes related to the following circumstances, we may need to retain your and / or your end-user's personal information or part of it for a long time:

  2. Comply with applicable laws and regulations and other relevant provisions;

  3. Comply with the requirements of court judgment, ruling or other legal procedures;

  4. Comply with the requirements of relevant government authorities or other competent authorities;

  5. Use reasonably necessary to implement relevant service agreements or this privacy policy, safeguard social and public interests, handle complaints / disputes, and protect the personal and property safety or legitimate rights and interests of our customers, US or our affiliates, other users or employees.

VIII. Third-parties Privacy Policy:

For antivirus engine:

For ad services:

For analytics:

For purchasing:


IX. Update of Privacy Policy

X. Contact us

We have appointed an executive agent for our privacy protection policy, who will be responsible for our compliance with the privacy criteria as described in this statement.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, would like to modify the communications option, update or refer to your personal information we possess, or withdraw your decision to allow us to collect, use or publish your personal information, please feel free to contact us at any time:


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